Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ready... set... go!

So, this marks the official start of my 'Love Bites' project. I tampered with the idea for quite some time now, and I think it's ready to tackle the production itself. At first I'll post on an irregular basis during preproduction stage. Not because I'm lazy (well, maybe I am...), but because not every bit is interesting. As soon as there is some concept art to show, the postings will become more frequent, all the way through the very end.
I'd like this to be a blog that I would want to read on that topic - detailed technical information, peppered with some geeky stuff and maybe topped with a few video tutorials (if need be). I am by no means a total expert in this field, this blog will merely describe my way of doing it and also document my learning process - so I might also hit a few dead ends on the way.
If you have any critique, questions or suggestions, feel free to comment!

Now I wish you a pleasant stay here, maybe you find some of this stuff interesting (or even inspiring). It will be quite a journey until the end, so I hope you will stay with me for a little while.

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